Years of AgriTech and FoodTech investment experience on your side

Our experience is in scaling, funding and exiting innovative AgriTech & FoodTech brands globally.

Our passion is in helping transformative businesses tackle the global challenges we’re all facing.

40+ years of experience

Extensive experience in AgriTech, FoodTech and investor relations.

Sustainability driven

From farm production, supply chain distribution, food delivery logistics to food retailing.

Future focused

Dedicated to helping AgriTech an FoodTech businesses who solve urgent global challenges.

Let investors see what you're really worth

We find the best investment match so you not only get finance, but also a partner that shares your vision for a brighter future.

The road to investment can be challenging, you’ll probably hear a lot of ‘no’s before you get that 'yes'.

We’re here to help you communicate your real potential and to craft an irresistible value proposition for your business.

We work with businesses raising seed rounds and series A/B.

To get you investment-ready, we also provide 1-to-1 coaching which covers anything from pitch deck development to investor pitching.

Our team, led by Rob Ward, has experience and proven track record in scaling, funding and exiting innovative Food-tech & Agri-tech brands globally.

Our network of investor contacts stretches far and wide making space for a variety of innovative businesses to get an opportunity to scale.

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