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Vertical Future

Health FoodTech

Market Sector: Food Technology

Jamie Burrows

Founder & CEO


Marie-Alexandrine Burrows

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Brand Overview:

A London-based technology company, founded in 2016. Our mission is to improve population health through building a better, smarter, data-driven food system. We design and build innovative plant factories (vertical farms) and carry out forward-looking research & development (R&D) on topics including advanced lighting, nutrition, sensors, and robotics. We also build and run our own production sites, selling and distributing produce under our MiniCrops brand to B2B & B2C customers.

Seeking investment threshold:

 $40 million

Previous investments raised:

Over $1 million

Previous investment date:

October 2019

Active markets:

UK, EMIEA, India, Canada, Australia

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