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It's Fresh!

Packaging Extending Shelf-life

Market Sector: FoodTech

Justin Creasy

Technical & Sales Director

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Simon Lee

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Brand Overview:

In the UK, food waste totals 10 million tonnes per annum (worth £20bn), and is associated with more than 22mt of greenhouse gas emissions (WRAP, 2015).
According to studies, ~46% of all fruit and vegetables are wasted at various stages throughout the supply chain (DEFRA, FoodStatisticsPocketbook 2016). It’s Fresh are reducing waste, and providing value to their customers across the whole supply chain, bringing social environmental and economic benefits.

Seeking investment threshold:

$500k to $1.5 million

Previous investments raised:

Over $1 million

Previous investment date:

December 2017

Active markets:

Europe, North America, South America, Latin America, Asia,

South Africa

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