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Technology Platform

Market Sector: AgriTech

David Davies

Founder & CEO

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Brand Overview:

AgUnity is a global technology platform that empowers the thousands of organizations working to address UN SDGs with a cost-effective means for connecting with and supporting remote people in a truly meaningful way. AgUnity is combating poverty through: functionality specifically relevant to remote people, an integrated User Experience that is intuitive, offering apps and services that have immediate relevance to their lives.

Seeking investment threshold:

$1.5 million to $5 million

Previous investments raised:

Over $1 million

Previous investment date:

March 2019

Active markets:

Trinidad & Tobago / Sierra Leon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Rwanda, Timore-Leste, South Africa, Australia

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AgUnity provides access and inclusion through digital identity, secured blockchain-based transaction records, financial security, and reliable solutions to remote area connectivity.

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