About Bx:

Bx are building a two-sided marketplace that connects growers who want to store more carbon in the soil with corporates who need to offset their carbon emissions. It is farm-inspired blockchain technology, incentivising growers to change behaviours to climate-smart practices and financially rewarding them using carbon credit tokens.

"There's no hiding here. The platform is on the blockchain. If you sign up to this, you're signing up to transparency, but you wanted to be transparent, because you're a good person, and you're wanting to do something positive."

About our guests:

Antony co-founded Bx along with Ben Bardsley and is passionate about technology that can drive a positive impact. He started his career in asset management and has worked on internationalising CICC, one of China's leading investment banking firms. He has over five years of experience working in Ag-Tech, during which he scaled the 30MHz data platform from the Netherlands to over 40 countries worldwide.

Our other guest, Sadia is the Chief Innovation Officer at Bx. Having completed her PhD in Computational Ecology at Imperial College London, she has spent the last decade working with large corporations on innovation and developing commercial solutions in sustainability and life sciences. In her current role, she leads the Business Development activities of Bx on its journey to create climate-tech solutions and scale up internationally.

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