The Leadership Hub enables AgriTech & FoodTech founders to meet together on a monthly basis to share their challenges, test and validate their business ideas. The Hub focuses on three main principles:

• All businesses are in the same stage of business development and are non-competing

• It nurtures collaboration and encourages founders to develop a collective together

• All founders get immediate feedback which leads to cross-pollination of ideas and discovery of new opportunities

Cohort 2021 Members:

1. Hectre (US)

Hectre are simplifying orchard data through software, making it accessible and visible for growers to make better decisions, moving them from the pen to the cloud.

Image Credit: Hectre

2. SJW Robotics (Canada)

SJW Robotics is a stand-alone, fully autonomous, zero-employee robotic restaurant serving made-to-order meals at 100 sq. ft and carbon neutral.  They are making low priced, sustainable and great tasting food easily accessible at in any real estate while solving the number one problem in QSR - labour.

Image Credit: SJW Robotics

3. Crops Guard (Israel)

CropsGuard is the world's only physical insecticide. They use safe radio frequency technology to eliminate all stages of insect development.  They aim to replace dangerous chemical insecticides that are commonly found in crop production.

4. Outfield (UK)

Outfield is digitising the global fruit sector to make it more efficient, more productive and more sustainable. Outfield provides fruit level data, Orchard wide, to allow precision management and inform sales contracts. Outfield growers gather imagery with off-the-shelf drones, autonomously surveying to Outfield flight plans, and our machine learning algorithms do the rest. The insights increase yields 10%, reduce costs 3%, increase sales price 5%, and reduce waste by 8%. Outfield can be deployed anywhere in the world, at any time by any grower.

5. Akorn Technology (Peru)

Akorn Technology fights food waste with their smart, multifunctional edible coatings platform. Their coatings are made with up-cycled sustainable and abundant corn by-products and they can double or triple the shelf life of food and deliver long-lasting, safe, tasty and nutritious produce options for modern diets and lifestyles.

Image Credit: Akorn Technology

6. Blakbear (UK)

Blakbear provides an instant microbiology and shelf-life data on fish and meat. Founded by scientists from Imperial College, Blakbear sells freshness sensors and a cloud API, to improve quality control, reduce rejections and cut food waste from producer to consumer.

Image Credit: Blakbear

7. Gardin (UK)

Gardin was founded to solve the problem of food waste and sustainable food production at the source whilst ensuring that what gets to the consumer is the highest nutritional value possible. Gardin's mission is to directly and specifically measure the nutritional value of foods and provide analytics based on this. This is done via a combination of their remote sensing hardware and a data analytics platform.

Image Credit: Gardin

8. Farmers Assistant (South Africa)

Farmers Assistant is a data intelligence company that educates, develops and grows small-scale farming businesses within the agriculture and food sectors through a technology platform.

Image Credit: Farmers Assistant

Cohort 2020 Alumni:


Vertical Future

True Algae


Intello Labs

It's Fresh

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